AImedentomologie’s diary

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A week has passed since I landed this peninsula. (I did not actually know that Nova Scotia is a peninsula, not an island.) The scientific side of these days is somewhat slow, and I find miself feeling irritation. Irritation for what? It is no doubt that I am in a common process of 'adapting to a new country'; it is reasonable that I can not really concentrate in scientific activities. The PI of the host laboratory says that being relaxed gives you more time to think about science. It seems to be true, indeed, but it is also true that I have confronted such a problem in Japan, too. Remenber how hard is was to find/set myself in a seased and concentrated condition in a sense of scientist; I was surrunded by too many stuff both marially and mentally. A same thing happens but in different ways. Thanks for a good chance to face myself, and to ... keep going.